Union Station's Future

Ogden's Union Station is a monument to our city's railroading history — a symbol of the cultural and economic changes brought to the West by the completion of the transcontinental railroad. 

Union Station at nightUnion Station at night — Ogden City Community & Economic Development 

The Future of Historic Union Station is Bright — and Right on Track!    

     Historic Union Station continues to attract people from all over the world — many coming to see the Station's unique museums, including the Browning Firearms Museum, Utah State Railroad Museum/Eccles Rail Center, and more. 

     After years of input and plans for even more community engagement, Ogden City Community & Economic Development is excited to propose future Union Station enhancements and development plans for the entire Union Station campus — all connected via attractive public spaces that create a unique sense of historic place, and supporting special events and our unique museums. See the "Planning Documents" section of this page for more information. 

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Project Updates

     In December 2022, the Ogden City Council agreed to move forward with the purchase of the land under and around the Union Station facility.

     Future updates will be provided on this web page, or on the MAKE Ogden Facebook page. The MAKE Ogden Downtown Master Plan can be viewed here.

Train pulling into Union Station

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