Venue Rentals

Event Rental Times

10:00 AM - 10:00 PM

Tables and Chairs

Each room rental includes the setup and takedown of tables and seating for up to 150 guests, up to 300 for the Grand Lobby and Browning Theater, up to 500 for the North End Package.

Additional Tables – $10 per table.  Additional Chairs – $1 per chair

Alcohol Services

Bar service is not available for events when the celebrant is under 21 years old. Call for further information. 801-629-8680

Security charge from Union Station.

Audio Visual

Basic sound system (speaker, mic, ipod plugin) included if booked in advance.  $50 day of subject to availability.

Riser 6’x8′ We have 6. – $25 each

Browning Theater projector and/or more than one microphone requires advance booking with the audio visual contractor.

Brides Room / Grooms Room

Located on the second floor next to the Old Timers Room, in the North hallway, included with ceremony booking.
A brides room and grooms room are located behind the stage in the Browning Theater, available without charge with rental of Theater Annex, Browning Theater of North End Package.

Ceremony Spaces

Any space can be setup for both ceremony and reception in one.  If desired, a separate ceremony space is available when booked with another space at the following rates.

Breezeway  (seats up to 125) – with rental of Theater Annex or Browning Theater $200

Gallery 51  (seats up to 150) – with rental of Grand Lobby $200

Myra Powell Gallery (seats up to 80)- with any rental $200

Eccles Rail Center – with any rental $200

Fountain Plaza (seats up to 300) – with any rental

  • Seat up to 150 - $200
  • Seat up to 300 - $400


Old Timers Room, Theater Annex, Browning Theater, North End Package and the Wattis Dumke Room have kitchen access included in the room rental.
If needed a kitchen can be used for the Grand Lobby, Gallery 51 and the Myra Powell Gallery, subject to availability.
Kitchens are not stocked, be sure to bring everything necessary to prepare, serve and clean up afterwards.