The mission of the Museums at Union Station is to explore Ogden's past, celebrate its present, and imagine its future through preserving and sharing stories about the city's distinctive character, especially its heritage of diversity, opportunity, and perpetual transformation. We offer and produce engaging exhibitions and programs that utilize our  incomparable collections to make the city's history compelling and accessible to Ogdenites and visitors from around the world.

Research at the Museums at Union Station

Phone: 801-629-8682 

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The Museums at Union Station has one archive open to visitors by appointment and with advance notice. Requests for appointments are required to be submitted two weeks prior to the desired visit date.

The Museum Research team can assist with specific details of your reference question or research query. Please contact them directly and please be sure to include an email address to confirm receipt of your inquiry and to schedule an appointment if necessary. For more information about visiting the archives, click here.

Reproduction and Licensing Fees

The Museums at Union Station charges fees for the use of items from its historical collections. These fees enable the Museum to continue to preserve and catalogue materials and help expand research access to our vast collection. All research fees are due prior to release of any requested materials. An agreement must be signed stating compliance with all rules and conditions for use as required by the Museums at Union Station Research Center Archives. Learn more about Fees, Reproduction and Licensing here.

Please note that licensing fees vary dependent upon the intended use of requested information.

Our Collections

Over 25,000 photographs, posters, maps, and artifacts from the Museum's collection are housed at Ogden's Union Station. To learn more about our collections, please click here.

Contribute to the Collection

The Museum is thankful for the many donations to the collection we have received over time; however, we cannot accept unsolicited donations or pass unsolicited donations on to another institution. 

If you have objects that you believe would complement our collections – either as donation or purchase -  please send a description (including the size, content, condition, historical significance and provenance), as well as photographs or scans of the objects to ( and indicate if you are offering it for gift or purchase. Or you can fill out our online collections donation form, clicking here.

All possible new acquisitions are reviewed monthly by the Museum's Collections Committee. The committee makes decisions based on relevance to the Museum's mission and scope of the collection. Due to limited storage space and other resources, not all inquiries are approved by the committee. This means the Museums at Union Station reserves the right to accession or to decline to accession any item that has been submitted for donation consideration.

Collections Management Policy

This Collections Management Policy documents the basic policies, procedures and practices that guide the development and care of the Museum’s collections consistent with the mission of the Museum and with professional museum standards.  Detailed policies and procedures may be issued from time-to-time, further implementing this policy. Through the Policy, the Museum shall ensure that:

  • its collections are accounted for and documented;
  • its collections are protected, secure, cared for, and preserved;
  • acquisition, disposal, and loan activities are conducted in a manner that conforms to the Museum’s mission, complies with applicable law, and reflects the highest ethical standards;
  • disposal of works from the collection through sale, gift, exchange, or other means is solely for the advancement of the Museum's mission, and proceeds from the sale of such works are used only for acquisition or direct care of collections;
  • access to the collections in the galleries, storage, and in the research room, and access to collection information is permitted and appropriately regulated; and
  • collection-related activities promote the Museum’s mission and the public good rather than individual financial gain.

Any questions should be directed to