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The Museum’s collection of more than 25,000 objects, images, and documents records the evolution of Ogden, one of the Utah’s most significant cities, from fur-trading outpost to modern metropolis. The collection reflects our commitment to share Ogden’s stories by serving as a hub of scholarship and learning, inspiration, and civic engagement. The collection also includes historical materials that document the impact the Utah's railroad history. 

While the Museum holds approximately 25,000 objects in its collection many of them are used in support of our special exhibitions, and not all of them can be on view at once. Work is underway to provide visitors online access to our collections  and we have set a goal of having nearly 10- 15% of the Museum’s objects from our collections explorable by Dec 2021.  To do this, we are currently developing a Collections Portal to add our materials to. While our imaging and cataloging work continues, check back often!

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Union Station

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