WonderBlock Development

Located along 26th Street between Grant and Lincoln Avenues, the proposed WonderBlock development is a unique mixed-use, lifestyle centric, experience led project located in the heart of Downtown Ogden, connecting directly to Historic 25th Street. 

MakeOgden_WonderBlock-View-Slide-wLogoWonderBlock Concept Rendering -- Ogden City Community & Economic Development

      The WonderBlock development will be a combination of residential dwellings, retail, offices services, food and beverage, as well as hospitality. All of the project elements will be connected via attractive public spaces that will support special events -- creating a unique sense of place that will draw people throughout the region to our awesome downtown. 

WonderBlock Features

  • 354 residential units, high amenity, within walking distance of Arts/Culture/Events
  • Approximately 100,000 square feet of class A office space
  • Approximately 50,000 square feet of new retail space
  • Approximately 20,000 square feet of new grocery store space
  • Boutique Hotel
  • Curated public amenity space, including pedestrian pathways and public outdoor amenity spaces
  • Convenient public parking

WonderBlock Site PlanWonderBlock Site Plan -- Ogden City Community & Economic Development

Why WonderBlock is Needed?

      As described in the "Make Ogden" Downtown Master Plan (see section below), WonderBlock helps to establish a new precedent for value and density in downtown Ogden. Additionally, the new catalytic development will attract and encourage additional community investments and enhance the city's long-term sustainable economic vitality. Further, per previous community input regarding the importance of preserving and enhancing the historic "place" of downtown, particularly around Historic 25th Street, WonderBlock compliments and supports the city's placemaking initiatives to attract more activity to downtown Ogden -- including more residents, businesses and  jobs -- and increased walkability and public transportation and parking conveniences. 

WonderBlock-Lot_NE-View_10-31-22Current un-developed WonderBlock Lot at 26th and Lincoln (10-31-22) -- Ogden City Business Development

WonderBlock -- Outcome of the "Make Ogden" Downtown Master Plan

      Ogden holds within its downtown core an assemblage of historic, cultural, recreational, and natural assets that are unmatched along the Wasatch Front. Make Ogden is a master plan that envisions capitalizing on those assets through transformative infill of vacant and underutilized parcels to build a thriving Downtown that improves the lives of residents and bolsters the City’s financial health and prosperity. The plan establishes a 25-year vision for the growth of downtown Ogden through a series of catalytic projects in key locations around the Central Business District, which will occur in “episodes” or phases in which the City investment in the public realm, coupled with developer incentives, will attract private investment to increase land values, density and walkability. 
      Infill and development within the core of the city will be supported through social equity parameters, with a focus on keeping downtown affordable and accessible to current and future residents. Chief among the recommendations of the plan is developing parcels that currently do not contribute meaningful tax revenue to the community. Key outcomes include: 38% increase in walkability, 92% increase in job density, 476% increase in housing density, 175% increase in taxable value per acre. 
In Episode 1 of Make Ogden, there is a strong emphasis on increasing the supply and variety of housing types in downtown Ogden – within easy walking distance to Historic 25th Street – to appeal to a diversity of residents. The WonderBlock project will help fulfill a portion of that emphasis. 
Additional information about Make Ogden, including the complete Make Ogden Downtown Master Plan, is available for review at Make Ogden Downtown Master Plan.

WonderBlock Development Funding and Other Information

      The WonderBlock development is proposed to be a private/public partnership between developer, J. Fisher Companies, and the Ogden City Redevelopment Agency (RDA).  

     On November 15, 2022, the Ogden City Council and the Redevelopment Authority held public meetings and information regarding the WonderBlock and Parking projects was presented, followed by a public open house event. The presentation can be reviewed here

     On December 8, 2022, Ogden City Community and Economic Development hosted a well-attended public open house at the Union Station regarding WonderBlock, Parking and Make Ogden.

     On December 13, 2022, there was a WonderBlock development presentation at the Ogden City Council meeting, including an extensive public questions and answers period.

     On December 20, 2022, there was a presentation at the City Council related to the Parking Management System that supports WonderBlock and overall downtown development, including an extensive public questions and answers period.  

     On January 10, 2023, the City Council/RDA held a public hearing regarding WonderBlock and the Downtown Parking Management System. Extensive public comments were heard. The City Council/RDA/MBA voted to support the proposed funding as outlined in the two bonding parameters resolutions. An article summarizing the meeting can be viewed at Ogden Moves Forward on WonderBlock and Downtown Parking Management

Impact on City’s General Fund or Property Owner Taxes: None 
For more information about the funding plans for WonderBlock, view the Questions and Answers section of this web page.