Business Services

Business Development Services

The Ogden City Business Development team provides professional support to businesses considering locating in Ogden, existing businesses in Ogden, and entrepreneurs and start-ups. Our goal is to help businesses succeed in Ogden. Our services include:

  • Assistance with development projects
  • Assistance with financing and incentive programs
  • Connections to industry, education, and workforce partners
  • Custom research and data analysis
  • Development of collaborative solutions to business challenges
  • Real estate searches

In addition to providing business services, our team works in close collaboration with state and regional partners to:

  • Address business challenges and opportunities (from workforce to supply chain)
  • Develop new real estate offerings
  • Continue the revitalization of Ogden’s downtown and neighborhoods

We look forward to assisting with your project. Call or e-mail us to get started. 

Business Information Center

Ogden City’s Business Information Center serves entrepreneurs and small businesses, and provides crucial resources needed to stabilize and grow. Services include the Small Business Loan Program, business mentoring and counseling, and affordable office and meeting space.

Development, Permits & Licensing

Looking for information on development, building permits or business licensing? We recommend that you start with the Development Counter, Ogden City’s one-stop shop for development review, permits, and licensing. The Development Counter is located at 2549 Washington Boulevard, Suite 240.