Strategy & Goals

What We Do

Ogden City Business Development makes the community stronger by creating and utilizing physical, financial, and social assets to generate improved and broadly shared economic well-being and quality of life.

How We Do It

Ogden City Business Development is charged with leveraging the City’s resources to:

  • Drive economic growth
  • Increase capacity
  • Create jobs
  • Improve quality of life

Our focus is support, facilitation, development, and investment within the local business community.

Our Focus


Through our innovative Business Information Center, we support start-up and small businesses with many services and resources, including:

  • Expert business consulting
  • Incubator space
  • Low-cost financing
  • Training programs and workshops

In addition, we work to ensure that Ogden City remains a regional center of commerce and culture by offering programs that help attract and retain world-class companies and professionals. We devise and manage comprehensive initiatives to assist the City’s various business sectors and diversify and grow the local economy.


We connect communities, businesses, and people by combining experience with information. We match businesses with capital, locations, and services, which benefits the local community by improving our economy and quality of life.


We leverage partnerships between the public and private sectors to stimulate the economy with real estate developments that create jobs, build and revive communities, and improve quality of life.


We ensure capital availability when private financial markets fail to supply capital to firms and projects that can productively use it. We cooperate with private financial institutions to reduce market imperfections and regulatory barriers, and create alternative institutions and programs to supply capital to markets, projects, and firms that private institutions cannot otherwise serve. 

We do not substitute private market capital; instead, we strive to fill financial gaps to promote new economic activity.

Our Objectives

  • Make existing employers more competitive
  • Cultivate and attract new employers
  • Access outside sources of capital
  • Capture more local dollars
  • Connect business, community, and people