Request a Free Landscape Water Audit

Requesting an Audit

Each year millions of gallons of freshwater are wasted by over watering landscapes. Sometimes it is not very clear how much water is actually needed to maintain our yard. To help residents achieve their optimal water usage, Ogden City is now offering free water audits. A trained technician will come to your home and determine the efficiency of your sprinkler system.

Call and schedule your free water audit during the irrigation season and let us help customize a water plan based on your landscape watering needs. You may also request your Water Audit by using this online form.

Audit Details

What we will measure during the water audit:
  • How evenly water is distributed to different areas of your yard.
  • How much water the irrigation system is providing.
  • Point out any deficiencies in the sprinkler system such as: tilted, sunken, or broken heads, misaligned sprinklers, etc.
  • The root depth of the lawn.
  • The soil permeability.
  • The sprinkler system pressure.
The water audit typically takes one hour to complete and then the owner will be left with recommendations for improving their sprinkler system.