Hours & Admission

Golden hours is open Monday- Friday. Monday-Thursday 8-8 pm and Fridays 8-5 pm 

Join Golden Hours

A suggested $5 monthly donation will provide you with full access to our senior recreation center. We provide a variety of different activities and events. There is something for everyone here at Golden Hours!

Membership Benefits

  • Pickleball
  • Classes
  • Crafts
  • Dancing

  • Exercise Equipment and classes
  • Lunches
  • Music
  • Seminars
  • Support Groups

Application Documents

Join in one easy step, completely fill out the new member form below and return it to our center

Completed Application

Upon returning the Application and Waiver, a friendly member of the Golden Hours staff will take your photo and give you a membership card. As a new member, we will give you a complete tour and schedule of events to ensure you get the most out of your Golden Hours Membership.

If you have any questions or a problem with our website, give our front desk a call and we would be happy to help you during open hours. 801-629.8864