Keeping Ogden Beautiful

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Improving Curb Appeal of Your Property

What is curb appeal? The visual attractiveness of a home from the street.

How can property owners enhance the curb appeal of their homes and businesses for little to no money? Find out by following these steps:
  • Pick up litter, trash and debris on the property.
  • Refrain from parking on the grass or lawn.
  • Mow, edge and sweep grass back onto the lawn instead of into the street.
  • Take trash out on the morning of collection day.
  • Store items not intended for outdoor use inside the home or garage.
  • Repaint areas where existing paint has deteriorated. 
  • Ensure address numbers are applied to the exterior of the structure and are visible from the street.
  • Keep the home or business well-lit and bushes trimmed.
  • Pick up and recycle newspapers, or call the distributor directly to discontinue service.
  • Sweep the gutter in front of your property.


The Dial-A-Dumpster Program (PDF) is designed to help Ogden City residents keep their yards and neighborhoods clean year-round. This program allows five neighbors to have a dumpster delivered to a centralized location to aide in general clean-up.