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Living Heritage Festival Food, Art, and Craft Vendors

  1. 2023 Living Heritage Festival Vendor Form

    Welcome! Thank you for your interest in participating in Union Station's Living Heritage Festival!

    Our event seeks to promote public awareness, understanding, and appreciation for the diverse cultural heritage of Northern Utah through live music, dance performances, food, artisan goods, crafts, art, cultural and historical demonstrations, lectures, exhibitions, hands on science, and art activities. No vendor fee will apply with your commitment. 

    If you are interested in presenting or selling your traditional craft or art at the 2023 Living Heritage Festival, please fill out all information in the Vendor Form below. Contact Samantha Taylor, Operations Manager, for more information or questions at or 801.629.8676.

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  3. The 2023 Heritage Festival will be Friday, April 28th and Saturday, April 29th.*

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