Project Support Grants

Project Support Grants

Project Support Grants are available to individuals and organizations for specific arts projects and programs that have been determined to be of value to the community. Exhibits, concerts, performances, festivals, shows, workshops, and readings are among projects eligible for funding through PROJECT SUPPORT GRANTS.


In order to be eligible for a PROJECT SUPPORT GRANT, the applicant must:
         • Request support only for arts projects or projects that incorporate arts in their activities.

         • Projects must be based in Ogden City and benefit Ogden City residents.

         • PROJECT SUPPORT GRANTS must be matched on a 1:1 ratio. Matching funds may be anticipated at time of application
              but must be received and obligated by the ending date of the grant as indicated in the application. In kind services and                                   goods may be used as a portion of the match.

         • Applicants for PROJECT SUPPORT are limited to requests of no more than 50% of their project budget.

         • Service/Project must be performed within a period beginning July 1st, and ending by June 30th of each year.