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Ogden's First Friday Art Stroll- January 7, 2022

Items of interest:


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 They are open for the Art Stroll from 6- 8 p.m. Get your map or info about local events, restaurants in Ogden.


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                                                                            Ogden Arts Kicking Off 2022 Strollin’

                                                                           New Gallery Opening

December 30, 2021 – Ogden’s First Friday Art Stroll is scheduled for January 7th, 6-9 p.m.

Activity locations range from Union Station, up Historic 25th Street to The Monarch. There are also activities at the Junction as well as the Eccles Art Center on Jefferson Ave.

Emmisoure Gallery is having their ribbon cutting event at 4:30 p.m. before the art stroll. They are a new gallery on Washington Avenue. Owner Steven Robertson is excited to be part of the art scene in Ogden. There will be food, music and featured artist, Kristin Alley Carver.

Community Art Show exhibit will be open inside Ogden’s Union Station featuring work about holiday culture. The Community Art Show is a quarterly exhibit that Ogden Arts is showcasing.

As always, we encourage everyone to use the hashtag #OgdenSharesArt. Show the Ogden Arts Community what you have created. This virtual option provides an avenue to engage with other artists in Ogden and see what they are creating.

To learn about locations that participate in the monthly stroll and to get your map, stop by The Corner, the white building located on the corner of Washington and 25th Street. Follow social media outlets listed below for further details of the events.

Alaskan Gold Connection


The featured artist for the January Art Stroll is Jim Stettler. Be sure to stop in and see his work on display.

Alaskan Gold Connection – 167 25th Street, Ogden

Cara Koolmees Gallery


Start the year off right with a 2022 Art calendar by Cara Koolmees.  Visit me upstairs at 256 Historic 25th Street to also check out my pictures and prints.

Cara Koolmees Gallery -  25th Street, Ogden 

 Eccles Community Art Center

–The Eccles Art Center, 2580 Jefferson Avenue, Ogden Utah is pleased to announce its Third Annual Northern Utah High School Seniors Competition.  The center’s main gallery will feature the accepted works by high school seniors in Box Elder, Cache, Davis, Rich, and Weber Counties. The Carriage House Gallery will continue to display the accepted works from the Eccles Art Center’s Petite Impressions Competition.  A reception for the community and artists is scheduled in association with Ogden’s Art Stroll on Friday, January 7, 2022, from 5 to 8 p.m.  Exhibits continue through January 29, 2022.

The Third Annual Northern Utah High School Seniors Exhibit is a scholarship award competition.  It was open to Northern Utah senior high school students in all media.  Students from public, charter and private schools from Bear River to Farmington have registered to participated in the competition.

The Carriage House Gallery will continue to feature works accepted from Utah artists participating in the Eccles Art Center’s Petite Impressions Competition.  The works are small under eight inches in any dimension and if framed the framing is under fifteen inches.  The competition was supported by new artists, those that are up and coming as well as professional artists in both two- and three-dimensional art.  Always a fun, variety of works to view.

Awards presented in this competition include:

First Place: Art School for Fish, Mary Wells, ~ South Ogden

Second Place: The Moon is Her Guide, Rick Shorten ~ Orem

Third Place: Last of Fall, Cindy Roberts ~ Logan

Honorable Mention: First Snow, Sandra Cooney ~ Roy

Hummingbird Breakfast, Robin Farr ~ Ogden

Succulent Vase, Kyle Guymon ~ Bountiful

Farm Evening, Lester Lee ~ Clarkston

Follow the Path, Sue Martin ~ South Jordan

Juror’s Recognition Award: Daily Bread, Adrian Van Suchtelen ~ Logan

The Eccles Art Center staff invites you to join us to view these exhibits during regular gallery hours.  The Eccles Art Center’s gallery hours are Weekday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.  For more information about the center and its programs, please visit our website at 


Eccles Community Art Center - 2580 Jefferson Ave, Ogden

Emmisoure Gallery

Ribbon Cutting event is happening at 4:30 p.m. at the new gallery location. The featured artist is Kristin Alley Carver.

Bio: Raised in Ogden, Utah, Kristin Alley Carver spent much of her time outdoors. Both mother and father medical professionals, she was intent on a degree in Nursing. However, she graduated with a Bachelor’s in Fine Art from Utah State University after one art class turned into many. Pottery, painting, then finally landing in the Printmaking Department. Later, adding a Special Education Certificate to her credentials. Her time teaching Junior High was formative in instilling a love of understanding human behavior. After struggling to start a family, Kristin eventually became the mother of one daughter and three boys. For a time, she believed creativity was the sacrifice required on the altar of motherhood. Burying the identity of artist until a college mentor invited her to be involved printmaking project. Creation is now part of her spiritual practice, and her husband and children are her biggest cheerleaders. Many times, she has found pieces from her studio trash taped to one of their walls. Creation reminds her that someone flawed can do divine things. Kristin feels her life’s work is to find divine in the ordinary. Continually experimenting with different mediums, relief printmaking remains her home. 

Chamber of Commerce will kick off the official stroll location by having the ribbon cutting event at 4:30 followed by food, music, and the amazing work by Kristin during the art stroll.

For more info about the gallery and

For more info about Kristen Alley Carver go to or on IG @paper_anthems

Emmisoure Gallery – 2246B Washington Blvd, Ogden

Ogden Contemporary Arts – LAND BODY | Ogden Contemporary Arts Center

Curated by Kelly Carper

December 10, 2021 – February 20, 2022

 Artists: Al Denyer , Also Sisters: Sonia & Miriam Albert-Sobrino, Cara Romero, Chelsea Call, Jaclyn Wright,              Jill O’Bryan, Josie Bell, Nikesha Breeze, Sama Alshaibi, Wendy Wischer

LAND BODY is a contemporary exploration of the connections between the human body and the landscape from the perspectives of eleven female artists. Working in Utah, New Mexico, and Arizona, exhibited artists pay particular attention to desert environments while speaking to relevant topics in today’s world such as environmental issues and climate concerns, cultural histories in relation to the land, female identity, and more. The show specifically draws metaphorical and physical correlations between desert landscapes and women’s bodies, while broadly reflecting on the interconnectedness between humans and the natural world. Artists work in a range of mediums including installation, photography, sculpture, painting, and video.

 LAND BODY brings together artists from diverse cultural lineages who offer distinct perspectives and varied relationships with the land. Historical narratives relating to the African diaspora are explored and reclaimed through the work of Nikesha Breeze, whose film piece Stages of Tectonic Blackness points to the paralleled processes of dehumanization and extraction, emergence, and rebellion, as sustained by Black bodies and rock bodies. Native American photographer Cara Romero’s exhibited images speak to visceral connections between indigenous women and their ancestral landscapes; the Santa Fe-based artist often comments on the hyper-sexualization of Native women in the histories of photography, and the environmental destruction of Native lands through her work.

Utah-based artist Wendy Wischer explores socio-political themes in her multi-media installation Battlegrounds, which compares today’s land ownership, management, and policy with the ownership, management, and policy around women’s bodies. Jaclyn Wright, another Utah-based artist, similarly explores the exploitation of the land and the female body through work that blends traditional photographic techniques with contemporary digital processes and performance.

 Other artists who use performative practices in their work include Jill O’Bryan, whose large-scale Desert Frottage drawings record her body’s interactions with the desert, and Chelsea Call, whose exhibited photographs represent her immersive experience as an artist resident in Bears Ears National Monument. An artist and art therapist, Call’s images observe the kinship between her body and the landscape in relation to grief and trauma. Brazilian-born artist Josie Bell’s paintings similarly connect human emotion with the landscape, using natural materials to depict the earth’s beauty as well as its scars, often through abstracted figurative forms.

 Al Denyer, originally from England and currently based in Utah, is known for meticulous line work drawings and paintings that describe the landscape from different vantage points. For LAND BODY, Denyer brings the line to life with a fiber wall installation referencing a local mountain ridgeline. Her new medium specifically references traditionally feminine arts and craft materials such as thread and yarn, confronting classic ideas of femininity in art and its association with the landscape.

 Desert landscapes of the Middle East and North African region are represented through the work of Tucson-based artist Sama Alshaibi, whose video piece Wasl (Union) examines connections between cultures that are under threat of displacement due to increasing water scarcity and rising ocean levelsThis work is part of her experiential, seven-year Silsila project (debuted at the 55th Venice Biennale), which probes the human dimensions of borders, migration, and ecological demise.

 Completing the exhibition in OCA’s second floor galleries is an immersive digital installation by Galician filmmakers Sonia and Miriam Albert-Sobrino, together known as the Also Sisters. An adaptation of their recent project, On the Margins of Metaxy, this piece draws viewers into a more liminal land-body experience using dreamy and disorienting imagery of the female body moving through shifting landscapes.

Ogden Contemporary Arts – 455 25th Street, Ogden

The Bonneville Space – The Bonneville Space will be featuring Leon Araujo during the January Art Stroll. i Leon Araujo (also known as Noise Explosion) is a self-taught artist local to Ogden. He draws inspiration from street graffiti artists, hip hop, and abstract art. His Mexican heritage shines through in some of his art. Leon is the director of OGtv, a video blog series where other local artists are highlighted. You can find some of his work at and on his Instagram @noise_explosion.

The Bonneville Space - 221 Historic 25th Street, Ogden

The Local Artisan Collective - Welcome to our In-store and Online Art Stroll on Friday, January 7th, 2022! The store will be open late for the Art Stroll from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm.


Who is ready to have fun together? WE ARE!!


-Roxanne Vigos from Sago Adornment-

Roxanne has an addiction to beads. It all started when a friend gave her a bag of random beads, she sorted it for DAYS! She just could not believe all the possibility and endless creations that could be dreamed up. She was hooked! She has since created many lovely items. She is also a talented seamstress and natural dye enthusiast. She truly believes people look best in the things that they feel drawn to. She believes that all people should feel good about their bodies, their style and feel like this is a way to express themselves. She was featured in the Interweave publication “The Beaders Stash” look for the project entitled “Ice Trap Lariat”. You can find her teaching classes on jewelry and natural dyes and check out her new book!



-6:00 to 9:00:  Roxanne Vigos will be doing amazing things as usual.  This is what she has to say about it: As a personal goal I have been focusing on deepening my meditation practice. I have used Meditation in my life for the past ten years.  In 2017 I made it a personal goal to practice daily for a year, it was a life changing experience.    Meditation can be used in several ways and Art and Creative work can absolutely become a meditation.  Meditation is a general term for focused attention with non-judgmental awareness, in reflection you may already have a way you find this state in your daily life.

I believe that making was my very first meditation.  Even as a child there was something special, I felt when I could focus on making, be it cooking or sewing and even coloring.   Something happens when we tune our attention to our Art and for that time, we are fully present with that task completely.   I use machine and hand sewing in my work.  Ultimately hand sewing is slower and slightly challenging because it requires us to slow down. Often referred to as slow stitching or slow work.

In early 2020 I tried 'Stitch Meditations” as instructed by Liz Kettle.  The idea is that you take 20 minutes to sew bits of cloth (very little planning) with focused non-judgmental awareness.  It's a beautiful format to let yourself run wild with a needle and thread.  I also had the opportunity to take a wonderful day long Mindful Sewing workshop this summer with the incredible Polly Masaryk.  We were outside all day practicing our stitching teamed with mindfulness practice.

I would like to share this opportunity, in a small way, by creating small bundles of my hand dyed cloth so you may have the opportunity to try the method yourself.  I will have a selection of sewing Meditation kits with my naturally dyed fabrics available at the January Art Stroll along with an instruction sheet for how you might use the concept in a number of ways.  The first 25 of these kits will be free of charge.

I will have some of my stitching pieces as well as meditation beads in the shop as a focus for January.  The start of a new year is a wonderful invitation to step fully into something that heals and soothes you.  See you at the Stroll!

-6:30 to 7:30: Rene Venegas with Galleon's Gold will be teaching a Copper cuff bracelet class.  Find more information here:




-Artists will be going live, talking with -each other in this group, sharing art tips, showing you all their new items and more.   Tune in to catch them.

-Roxanne will be showing her latest projects and art on Facebook Live. Learn about her meditation sewing art kits and more.

-Stephanie and Lance Howerton from Our Children's Earth will be doing a marbling demo and talking about Fix It Day.  Then what does Dye Day Mean??  Find them on Facebook and Instagram.

-Bernadene Whitten will be doing a beading demo.  She will be creating a stitch called CRAW, aka Cubic Right-Angle Weave. She will be joining Instagram Live and creating a wonderful video for Facebook.


Find our items in our store located at 2371 Kiesel Ave, Ogden, Utah 84401 in the Heart of Downtown Ogden on the South End of the Junction in the Creative Nine Rails District and online at

We are also open Monday 12 to 3:30 and Tuesday to Saturday from 12:00 to 7:00.  We will also be open late until 9:00pm on the first Friday of the month with Art Stroll.

The Local Artisan Collective - 2371 Kiesel Ave, Ogden.

The Monarch - It’s First Friday again and the corner of 25th & Ogden is the essential stop. Featuring a Beer Garden, Open Studio Night at The Monarch offers a chance to walk through over 40 creative studios to meet the artists: it’s the best date night and family-friendly outing in town on a Friday night. Start at WB’s for the finest craft cocktails and small plates in town. Then, come meet our new Artist member Amy Lefevre who has been upcycling old frames and will be selling them with her prints at the gallery stroll. She will also have several new original paintings that are not yet available on her website. Stop by to get a first chance to purchase her new paintings.

Ogden Contemporary Arts – see their listing

The Monarch - 455 25th Street, Ogden

Union Station –

  • Inside Ogden’s Union Station, a new Community Art Show exhibit, Holiday Culture will be on display through February 2022. Ogden City Arts has a quarterly artist call with different categories that feature local creatives who submit their work.

Union Station – 2501 Wall Ave., Ogden

Wasatch Roasting Company - Wasatch Roasting Company is excited to feature the works of our January’s artist, Gillian Chapman! Here is a little info about AKA “Boujee Hippie Art.” She is a local artist from Ogden. Most of the body of work was done in the last year during or after manic episodes. Gillian gets inspiration from dreams she has and looks up to artists such as Van Gogh who also lived with bipolar disorder, or manic-depressive disorder. You can see different moods through her work. For more of her work go to her IG page @boujee_hippie_art or reach her at 801-528-2913.

Outside, in Origin-Alley Art Gallery, we will display new artwork from Rich Ramos, Nezak, Jaroh and other local artists. We will provide outdoor seating in the alley during the stroll.

Wasatch Roasting Company - 2436 Grant Ave, Ogden


Printable map with locations for the Art Stroll