Emergency Home Repair Program (EHRP)

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About the Program

The Emergency Home Repair Program gives loans to homeowners to make repairs to their home that would correct an unexpected emergency situation threatening the structure and/or the life and health of the household. A maximum of $5,000 is available for each loan.


To qualify, participants must have owned their home for at least two years and meet household income requirements. Loans for roofing repairs are not eligible under the Emergency Home Repair Program unless the damage is the result of a catastrophe, as opposed to normal deterioration, and repairs do not exceed the $5,000 maximum amount allotted. EHRP APPLICATION AND PACKET

Loan Terms & Income Requirements

Loan terms for households with incomes at or below 50% of average median income (AMI). Loan terms are zero percent interest, differed payment loan, loan due on sale. 

Income Limits, Adjusted for Household Size

Household Size
50% AMI
1 $29,750
2 $34,000
3 $38,250
4 $42,500
5 $45,900
6 $49,300
7 $52,700
8 $56,100