Airport terminal parking

Parking is located on the east side of the airport terminal off Airport Road. Our convenient parking lot is located directly adjacent to the terminal, so you can get from your car to the airport in less than a minute. Parking is free for the first 2 hours. The airport utilizes the service of ParkMobile for parking payment.

Using ParkMobile is easy to use. Download the app, setup your account with your license tag. Enter the zone number posted on signs around the parking meter in the ParkMobile parking app. Select the amount of time you want to park and start your session. You will get alerts when time is about to expire so you can extend your parking session.

The 24-hour periods for parking starts when you start your session. A parking citation will be issued if pre-payment is not made or if parking extends beyond the paid time period. Vehicles parked at the Ogden Airport will not be towed or booted unless abandoned.

Parking Slot sign

When you park, note your stall number and head to the Airport terminal.

If you do not have the ParkMobile app, there are two ParkMobile pay stations inside the terminal. The pay stations do not make change so exact change is required. The Airport office can not make change since cash is not allowed to be kept in the office.

Pay Station located in Vestibule

One Pay station is located inside the Terminal Lobby door vestibule and is accessible 24/7 days a week.

Paystation located in the Lobby

The other Pay station is located inside on the left side of the lobby. It is accessible only during hours the terminal is open.

You will be able to enter your stall number and pay for your parking with either Cash (EXACT CHANGE ONLY) or a Credit Card. Both daily and long-term rates are $5 per day.