Recreation FAQ

Isn't it Parks and Recreation?

Not all cities are the same! Ogden City separates Parks and Recreation into two separate departments. In general, the Parks Department handles the maintenance of parks, restrooms, playgrounds, pavilions, tennis courts, and pickleball courts. They also handle the reservation of pavilions at the parks. The Recreation Department handles the maintenance of ball fields, soccer field reservations, Marshall White Recreation Center, Golden Hours Senior Center, and Lorin Farr Pool. The Recreation Department also handles all organized adult and youth programs, sports, and classes.  

Where do I go?

The Recreation Department has two offices, one at 1875 Monroe Blvd in the Community Services Building and a second at Marshall White Recreation Center at 222 28th St.  Our 1875 Monroe Blvd office can provide registration for youth and adult sports programs or registration is available online. For classes and activities that occur at the Marshall White Center, you can register online or at the Marshall White Center.  

What about outdoor soccer?

Outdoor soccer offerings are provided through out the city by different organizations.  For more information please visit the following sites: The American Youth Soccer Organization
Ogden Soccer 
Ogden Recreation offers indoor soccer for 3-5 year olds only.

Rain Out Policy

Games will be cancelled by 3pm in cases of weather. After 3pm, arrive to your games as scheduled and games will be called on the field.