Ogden Trails Network Committee

The Ogden Trails Network (OTN) Committee was first established by Resolution as the East Bench Trails Committee in 1991, and became an official City Committee as the Ogden Trails Network Committee in 1993. It was established as a result of requests for homes which could block access to the existing trail system. 

The Committee consists of up to 14 members.   They advise the Mayor and City Council in matters pertaining to the planning and development of the trails system within the City.

The current members include:

  • Brian Waters, Chair
  • Michael Goodrick, Co-Chair
  • Alex Gilchrist
  • Elizabeth "Sissi" Dewitt
  • Jerome Berg
  • Jonny Taylor
  • Kevin Brown
  • Marie Hahn
  • Nathan Silberman
  • Nic McMillan
  • Talyn Debus-Villasenor

Committee Responsibilities

To maintain non-motorized trails either in or connecting to Ogden City, specifically trails along the East Bench, Ogden and Weber Rivers and other connective trails to these systems,

  • To develop public information about the trails. 
  • To work with property owners to develop an appropriate means to maintain trail access, 
  • To apply for grants, encouraging State and Federal support for the non-motorized trails and river parkway programs.
  • Manage the Adopt a Trail Program.


The Trails Committee has fundraising events throughout the year, with the sale of hats, T-shirts, beanies, hoodies and other items as well as their annual "Shin-Dig" fundraiser in May of each year. They have also received many private donations including the annual Subaru "Share the Love" event in December.  This money is used to purchase signage, to upgrade and maintain the trails and natural beauty of our mountains and they host free community events to encourage everyone to visit and see our beautiful trails.  

You can purchase OTN merchandise on the 2nd Floor of the Municipal Building, 2550 Washington Blvd at the City Cashier's Desk.

  1. Volunteer Opportunities

    Physical Address
    133 W 29th Street
    Ogden, UT 84401


    Phone: 801-629-8214