• House 2_Before
  • House 2_After
  • House 2_Before
  • House 2_Before (2)
  • House 2_After
  • A green house with a front lawn of dirt.
  • The green hosue with a grass-filled front lawn and trees in front of the house.
  • A junk filled yard with a car with a blue tarp over it.
  • A white brick house with trash filling the front yard.
  • The front of a white brick house.
  • The back of a house with a concrete patio.
  • A vacant lot filled with old cars and trailers surrounded by tall grass.
  • A vacant lot with a paved area surrounded by grass.
  • A red brick house with an empty driveway and snow on the ground.
  • A red brick house with overgrown landscaping and a truck parked in front of it.

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