Snow Removal

Who Owns the Road?

When inquiring about snow removal on a particular road, it helps to first know who owns the road. Please refer to the City Roads & State Roads map to determine if it is a state road, city road or a private road you are inquiring about.

Snow Removal on City Streets

Ogden City crews will clear snow from priority roads first. Priority roads include those around hospitals, schools, and City-maintained heavily traveled roads. Intersections are the next priority, then slick hills and dangerous curves. When those are cleared, side streets are completed. We try to have all roads cleared within 15 hours unless the storm is prolonged. Then, priority roads take precedence and other streets (residential and dead-end streets) will be cleared when conditions allow.

City Policy

It is the City's policy to plow curb to curb. Cars should not be parked on the street. On garbage day, cans should be removed from the road as soon as possible.


Salting starts when two inches of snow accumulates on the street, or in areas with steep streets, just before a major storm arrives. Salt is generally applied only on hills and at intersections. Snow plowing starts when four or more inches of snow accumulates on streets.

Snow Removal on Sidewalks

Citizens are responsible for snow removal on sidewalks and approaches.