Youth Swim Lessons

Please check back for updates on when this program will be offered again.


About Youth Swim Lessons

Outdoor lessons available during the summer at the Lorin Farr Pool, 1691 Gramercy Ave. Private lessons available upon request. 801 629 8253.


$30 per session
Each Session is 8 lessons 


Outdoor Lessons: June - August | 2 week courses, one class every day Monday-Thursday. 


Lessons are separated by skill level, not age, after 3yrs old. Level descriptions are listed below.

  • Parent / Child: For children 6 months - 3 years. Parent participation required.                  Practice kicking, swimming with arms, gliding as well as submerging parts of the head, practicing fun games, self-awareness, and ways to enter the water safely. 
  • Level 1: Water Exploration - Enter / exit; submerge face, blow bubbles, float, kick, and water safety.
  • Level 2: Primary Skills - Submerge/retrieve objects, float, flutter kick, combine stroke-front and back.
  • Level 3: Stroke Readiness - Build on Level 2 skills; front / back crawl, elementary back stroke, tread water, sitting dive.
  • Level 4: Stroke Development - Build on Level 3 skills; introduce breaststroke / sidestroke/turns, standing dive.
  • Level 5: Stroke Refinement - Combine/refine all strokes, introduce butterfly, open turns, dive from diving board, first-aid skills.
  • Level 6: Skill Proficiency - Polish skills, increase endurance, rescue skills, spring board dives, first aid skills.
Not sure what level your child should be in? Call our office to set up an evaluation by one of our certified lifeguards, 801 629 8253. Lifeguards reserve the right to move any child to another level for the child's safety. 

Private Swimming Lessons

$65 for 4 one-on-one 30min sessions.