Height Standards in R-3 Zones and Adjacent to Single-family and Open Space Zones Amendment

Ogden is considering a zoning ordinance change that would modify allowApartmentable heights in R-3 Multiple-family zones and adjacent to single-family residential or open space zones. The city is considering this ordinance in response to concerns that there is no base height limit in R-3 zones.  

The proposed ordinance would:

  1. Amend the zoning ordinance to set a maximum height of four stories or 50 feet in the R-3 Zone; and
  2. Modify transition standards to require additional setbacks for buildings over 35 feet high adjacent to single-family residential or open space zones.

The Ogden City Council will consider the ordinance at a public hearing on March 21, 2023 at 6:00 p.m. at the Ogden Municipal Building.

To view the proposal and additional information, click on the links below.

R-3 Height Limits Draft Code Amendment

March 1, 2023 Planning Commission Staff Report

Notice of Pending Ordinance

For more information about the pending ordinance and the process for its review and adoption, please contact Barton Brierley, Planning Manager: (801) 629-8932 or planning@ogdencity.com