Vice-Chair Jones

Shardae J 08.08 Photo

Shardae has been a lifelong resident of Ogden, Utah and will graduate with a Bachelor of Integrated Studies degree with emphasis in HealthCare Administration, Criminal Justice, and Communications from Weber State University next spring. With several years of experience working within the healthcare system, serving her community in various capacities, and her work as a Community Health Worker in Weber County, she sees the challenges faced by those in her community daily as she and her family have faced similar challenges. Shardae is a proud member and ally of the LGBTQ community and knows the importance of seeing yourself reflected in those who serve. Shardae is happiest when she is volunteering and connecting with her fellow community members on a personal level in hopes of making a difference. Her main goal is showing young Black and Brown people they too have a voice. Her innate love of people and service to others is what attracted her most to serving as a member of Ogden’s Diversity Commission. Shardae is cognizant of the barriers those of diverse backgrounds face in her community. She is excited to Serve on The Diversity Commission and continue to dedicate her time to making Ogden the place where all are welcome and heard.