Ogden Youth Council & Youth Leadership Academy

The Ogden City Council is excited to announce two new programs for students who are enrolled in grades 9 through 12 and are residents of Ogden City. These programs are designed to give students an opportunity to participate in service projects, learn about local government and develop leadership skills.

Applications will be accepted until September 15, with the first meeting scheduled for September 29 at 3:30 p.m.

What is Youth Council?

Youth Council is an opportunity for 9 high school residents of Ogden City to have a voice in local government. This is a competitive application, and the highest-rated applicants will be able to participate. The Youth Council will meet 1-2 times each month and discuss things that matter to the Youth Council Members. They will help plan service projects, work with local government leaders (including the Mayor and City Council), exercise leadership skills, and attend Local Government Day at the State Capitol. Youth Council members will also participate in the Youth Leadership Academy.

What is Youth Leadership Academy?

Youth Leadership Academy is an opportunity to learn from your local government leaders! This will be a large group of students from throughout Ogden who will gather several times during the school year to receive specialized training on the ins and outs of local government. They will also have the opportunity to participate in service projects and attend Local Government Day at the State Capitol. This is an excellent opportunity to get involved and build your resume at the same time.

Applications for both programs will require an authorization form from a parent or guardian to allow photos to be taken and used on the Council's website and social media accounts. The authorization form will be sent to the parent or guardian's contact information as listed in the application form below.