Urban Chickens Discussion History

Both the City Council and the Planning Commission considered legislation regarding urban chickens in 2009 and 2010, with input from the public received each time. The issue was discussed again in 2012. 

Council staff has met with members of the Ogden Chicken Alliance several times during the past two years to help them understand their options for pursing a change in ordinance.

Weber State University was invited to attend a work session in June to provide a 15 minute presentation on a recently conducted Urban Chickens survey. Due to an increase in scope, it was determined that 15 minutes was not enough time to address the issue.
Urban Chickens Discussion History
Urban Chickens Fact Finding Work Session Graphic

A new meeting was organized in a format that allows for public input and scheduled for the earliest meeting date that worked for all of the presenters, following the Council’s busy budget season.

That meeting took place on August 29, 2017  to gather information regarding the benefits and challenges of allowing urban chickens in Ogden’s residential neighborhoods. 

Following the meeting, the Ogden Chicken Alliance filed a petition requesting the City create an ordinance allowing urban chickens in Ogden’s residential neighborhoods.

The petition will be discussed during an upcoming Planning Commission meeting. Meetings are typically held the first Wednesday of each month, and agendas are available on the City's website within 24 hours of a meeting. A public hearing will be held as part of the Planning Commission’s consideration, and there will be additional opportunities for public input during the City Council’s consideration as well.